A new business called Tecnology

CRIF Global Technologies, the CRIF Group IT division, is committed to driving the business through innovation and efficiency in its leading products and services with worldwide consistency in terms of quality and security. Thanks to a network of 1,000 professionals worldwide, and 13 software development hubs, CRIF runs IT operations in 11 countries, providing follow-the-sun support to our clients.

From the very beginning, one thing has been clear. CRIF needs to continuously adapt and transform its operating model, starting from a purely technical focus on the pure management of service outcomes
to today’s business value, created by following precise business metrics with full integration in enterprise governance.
With these strong pillars in place, CRIF’s customers, are supported through five main drivers:

  • Digital transformation/Customer’s customer
    For us, the real meaning of the everpresent digital transformation is to serve the final customer, not the one paying the bill. This transformation is happening all over the world and in all industries, and we are ready to transform and work together with our customers to satisfy their clients.
  • Lower Tco/high volumes, lower prices
    To achieve the first step, CRIF’s customer will need a flat fee cost structure regardless of volumes due both to global expansion and the increasing use of mobile devices and web apps. In this regard, the ability to use newer technologies is key, coupled with the availability of the multiple data centers that CRIF manages around the world.
  • Design for transformation/technology commoditization
    To achieve the first two points, CRIF mustplan to use innovative technology and consider that technology will be used as a commodity at an ever-increasing rate. Recent innovations such as blockchain or machine learning are now available at the press of a button, and to leverage this CRIF has developed a specific ITNovation program to ensure it has the skills to manage a real production environment when needed.
  • Operational flexibility/cloud and non-cloud mashup
    Financial institutions have always had a mixed relationship with cloud infrastructure. The cloud infrastructure’s ease of use and its supposed low cost are a big facilitator. But on the otherhand, there are a lot of data that they prefer to keep on their premises. This also happens in CRIF, so its solution is to move forward with a mix of public cloud and private infrastructure, leveraging the CRIF data center capability to manage sensitive data and the scalability of cloud.
  • Cybersecurity is in our dna
    All of the above points can lead to security nightmares for anyone, but because CRIF embeds security in its services and operations, CRIF can have a competitive advantage to build its future and to strengthen the trust of our customers (and our customer’s customer).

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