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Telco and Media firms worldwide turn to CRIF Credit Solutions to increase margins and operational efficiency, automate key processes, improve customer retention and minimize risk.

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For Telco/Media

Adaptability and control. Telecoms and Media firms need both of these to confront the realities of a market in constant flux. The CRIF Credit Framework is tailored to meet these needs through an integrated and holistic approach to credit, risk and customer management.

The CRIF Credit Framework is CRIF’s value proposition to empower firms to succeed in a challenging market. Covering the end-to-end consumer lifecycle value chain, from engagement and origination to customer & portfolio management and debt collection, it includes a comprehensive strategy encompassing governance, risk assessment, and process optimization which leverages big data and analytics to achieve more.

For Telco / Media

The complete software platform covering the end-to-end credit value chain with built-in best practice for effective credit and risk management.

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