Orginate CRIF Credit Framework
for Telco / Media

Acquire new customers through optimized processes to achieve pronounced growth. All the while leveraging the power of advanced analytics to mitigate risk and streamline customer acquisition processes.


  • Need to optimize customer acquisition
  • Necessity to reduce cost of credit
  • Trade off with turnover reduction

Strategic Responses

  • Augmented acquisition processes thanks to big data and smart analytics
  • Intelligent customer segmentation
  • Enhanced sales and improved customer retention through more efficient processes


Offerings from Strategy to Solutions

Customer Acquisition

  • Apply predictive Analytics
  • Gain single view of customer
  • Get full support & consultancy
  • On-board efficiently and smoothly
  • Use of CRIF unique business and credit risk information and data pools


Risk Management

  • Implement smart segmentation
  • Automate decision-making solutions and end-to-end processes
  • Optimize pricing

Fraud Management

  • Identify fraudsters
  • Minimize First Bill not Payer risk
  • Maximize customer lifetime value
  • Track, measure, report