Leverage Data, Analytics & Processes CRIF Credit Framework
for Telco / Media

Empower your business performance through big data and smart analytics. Meet KPIs and boost results through optimized processes to turn insight into delivered actions.


  • Greater control needed over KPIs
  • Lack of integrated risk data across the organization

Strategic Responses

  • Delivery of right data at right time to right person
  • Improvements in speed, efficiency and performance through predictive analytics
  • Conversion of insights into actions and optimized processes
  • Comprehensive overview of each customer and credit


Offerings from Strategy to Solutions

Predictive Analytics

  • Apply Segmentation, credit risk analytics & scoring
  • View early warning systems
  • Introduce collection scoring and forward looking analytics
  • Develop accurate models for marketing, propensity-to-buy, Pricing, attrition and fraud

Business Intelligence

  • Gain turnkey reports and analysis tools both easy to scale and customize
  • Use dashboard to measure and track KPIs

Take Quick & Right Actions

  • Leverage pre-defined, consolidated credit risk data models
  • Achieve a single view of the customer
  • Enact data governance and management discipline policies
  • Manage and organize data for actionable business analytics
  • Improve data quality & reduce errors
  • Integrate big data & consolidated systems

Process Improvement

  • Take action on defined strategies
  • Optimize processes based on an analytical approach (e.g. next best product solutions)
  • Go forward with continuous improvement approach:                                     Assess -> Decide -> Act -> Resolve