Engage CRIF Credit Framework
for Telco / Media

Engage powerfully with the right customers, making decisive offers at the right moment. Drive cross-channel success with a compelling customer experience and an intelligent risk-management strategy.


  • Evolving customer demands
  • Tougher competition
  • Market demand for innovation
  • Need to reduce churn rates

Strategic Responses

  • Seamless account opening across all channels
  • Improved customer experience
  • Proactive customer engagement, before they realize a product need
  • Full view of customer lifecycle to anticipate and manage risk areas

Offerings from Strategy to Solutions

Target Marketing & Lead Generation

  • Leverage your best data assets
  • Improve service model, enabling quick wins & strategic initiatives
  • Re-engineer sales with simulation, prescreening & pre-approval
  • Identify most suitable offering
  • Offer management & campaigns
  • Up/Cross sell


Integrated Analytics & Big Data

  • Target the right customers with the right offer through segmentation and scoring
  • Attract families and business clients by financial affordability
  • Optimize pricing structures

Application experience

  • Offer exceptional, consistent customer service
  • Minimize SAC/maximize AMPU
  • Reduce risk exposure
  • Track, measure, report
  • Gain efficiency and agility