Collect CRIF Credit Framework
for Telco / Media

Collect more with less with a flexible, comprehensive approach that leverages all internal and external resources at your disposal, from data and analytics to process optimization and agency management.


  • Fluctuating credit conditions and an evolving customer base
  • Tougher competition amongst institutions to collect from debtors
  • Lack of tools & competences to innovate collection practices
  • Need to improve the bottom line

Strategic Responses

  • Proactive approach to delinquency management
  • Huge data potential through predictive analytics
  • Segmentation and collection process differentiation
  • Minimize credit loss and reduce costs and time-to-recovery through continual process and resource optimization
  • Decide outsource vs insource activities

Offerings from Strategy to Solutions

Best Practice Debt Collection

  • Re-engineer processes to implement quick-wins and strategic measures
  • Define processes from early to late stages
  • Differentiate collection processes (by segment, aging, risk, exposure, collaterals, …) while leveraging analytics
  • Carefully measure collection performance
  • Introduce a target driven collection organization
  • Strengthen relationship with outsourcers

Inactive clients

  • Apply customer-centric analysis & evaluation
  • Realign customer segmentation and service models with changing profiles
  • Fine tune targeting algorithms (collections scores)
  • Take ‘Next best’ actions for effective late collection actions

Debt Collection Analytics

  • Re-engineer business processes to build quick-wins & strategic initiatives
  • Analyze and optimize processes through good governance & tracking
  • Integrate all customer, credit and risk exposure data with full oversight
  • View management dashboards & operational reporting
  • Simulate scenarios with what-if and champion challenger

Streamlining Debt Collection & Recovery

  • Take a single view of customer including a Champion-challenger approach
  • Optimize resources, both internal & external
  • Integrate debt collection agencies into the entire collections and recovery process
  • Apply a multi-channel approach in contacting customers
  • Employ flexible promise-to-pay negotiation and follow-up with action tracking, monitoring & fine-tuning
  • Rely on an innovative supporting infrastructure with integrated business intelligence & reporting