Assess Risk CRIF Credit Framework
for Telco / Media

Mitigate risk proactively and throughout your organization, taking advantage of best practices, insightful analytics and precise forecasting.


  • Smart credit risks evaluation methodology
  • Need to instill quantitative risk management throughout the organization

Strategic Responses

  • Use of a full cost credit evaluation methodology (losses, operational cost, financial costs)
  • Increase foresight and stronger ability to anticipate risks on the horizon
  • More effective risk oversight

Offerings from Strategy to Solutions

Risk Management

  • Leverage internal and external data to improve risk governance
  • Develop & fine-tune credit risk economic evaluation in-line with best practices
  • Implement the right action based on cost of credit
  • Take continuous improvement approach: Assess -> Decide -> Act -> Resolve -> Monitor -> Maintain

Integrated Risk Analytics

  • Apply score-based decision-making for consistent and fast risk & profitability analysis
  • Deploy rating systems and credit full cost analyses
  • Integrate processes with scenario analysis & forecasting down to transaction level analysis

Take Quick & Right Actions

  • Streamline credit risk processes
  • Deploy risk/weighted automatic decision delegation & ability to modify according to senior management goals
  • Automate risk & compliance processes to reduce costs and risks