Sprint: Origination-Solution-as-a-Service

Sprint cloud-based loan & account origination and decision management software. Designed to speed up and improve credit decisions for consumer and business customer on-boarding and lending.


Cloud-based Loan & Account Origination and Decision Engine Software

An efficient and reliable loan & account origination process is the key to building a consistent portfolio by selecting the best customers through proper risk classification decision engine. This implies the possibility to integrate the most relevant data sources as well as creating performing scoring models and decision strategies that can be easily adjusted according to the ever-changing market conditions.

Sprint is the CRIF’s cloud solution to speed up and improve credit processing for consumer and business lending. It has been expressly designed exploiting the CRIF’s worldwide experience and provides best-in-class processes that can be activated with low upfront investment and no IT constraints.

Sprint customers range in type and size including large to small banks, consumer finance, automotive and leasing companies as well as telecoms and utilities.  They have chosen the convenience of a service to focus on their own core competencies and rely on CRIF to manage the technicalities; as a result they are up and running fast while keeping expenses under control with you-pay-as-you-go pricing.

Sprint’s Application Processing Service provides real time decisions according to the customers policies and includes:

- Web front end for end users or documented A2A interface for technical integration with customer system;
- Built-in integration with credit bureau and other external data sources;
- Optimized workflow aimed to save costs and time;
- Best in class scoring and credit strategies for the different customer segments
- Reporting features to monitor the business trends and the performance credit risk decisions
- Solid IT infrastructure hosted by CRIF granting high security levels and full reliability

Sprint also provides decisioning-as-a-service, with automatic decisions made running your own decision strategies which you can configure using our business-user friendly StrategyOne Designer.


  • Flexibility to automatically differentiate decision processes according to the specific characteristics of the customer segment and the type of loan transaction
  • Completeness thanks to the ability to integrate all of the elements necessary for making an assessment, a wealth of credit
  • Efficiency – control of credit policies and cutting costs on the basis of your own decision making rules
  • Compliance – implementation of procedures and tracking to address the regulatory needs
  • Web based solution on an outsourcing basis; Sprint system can be immediately implemented without entailing any impacts or specific IT investments.
  • Quick time-to-market and leveraging best practices and innovative technology used by hundreds of financial institutions for years

Sprint Customer Reviews

“Our new scoring models results showing the assessment of clients’ creditworthiness and potential are available instantaneously.”
“CRIF provides effective solutions which meet our needs. We chose CRIF because of their professionalism and expertise in the area of credit.”  
"It is Buro de Crédito’s priority to stay ahead of the market, offering innovative solutions for our wide range of clients. With the CRIF’s Sprint service we will improve our clients’ decision management capabilities in a very competitive environment.”

Contact us to find out how you Sprint can help you speed up your time-to-yes response to customers with minimal investment and fast time-to-market.