Sprint: Debt-Collection-Solution-as-a-Service

CRIF’s cloud solution for the debt collection & recovery.

Sprint Collection is CRIF’s solution for the debt collection management, offered in cloud.

Targeted to Financial istitutions and Companies that focus on their core activities, Sprint Collection enables to manage a collection platform provided in outsourcing, without worrying about IT maintenance and infrastructural issues, but at the same time without turning down flexibility and customization.

The Sprint Collection solution allows to freely design and engineer the customer’s collection strategies and processes. All actions are orchestrated by the platform to effectively support the entire process, in a results driven perspective.

The service enables to be always in control of debts in arrears, both of private and business clients, preventing credit portfolio deterioration. Debts can be clustered, scored, monitored; collection actions can be automated and organized in pre-defined paths, and automatically assigned/escalated to different subjects. The relationship with External Agencies and Partners is fully integrated in the workflow.

Optimized, structured and timely collection strategies and actions are oriented to maximize performance, enhance results and reduce costs.

Sprint Collection is powered by CLever, the debt collection and recovery module of the CRIF Credit Management Platform allowing for a customer-centric, highly automated collections process which optimizes all available resources, resulting in increased collection rates and faster repayment.

Sprint is also provides decisioning-as-a-service with automatic decisions made running your own debt collection and other decision strategies, which you can configure using our business-user friendly StrategyOne Designer.

Contact us to find out how you can improve your debt collection performance with

  • a Key-in-hand solution (minimum integration required),
  • with no IT infrastructure to be maintained,
  • clear total cost of ownership,
  • and easily scalable.