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For Lenders

The complete software platform covering the end-to-end credit value chain with built-in best practice for effective credit and risk management.


  • The business model is under threat from persistent challenges
  • External innovation and competition
  • Compliance requirements are growing as regulatory regimes accelerate rule making

Strategic Responses

  • Introduce new segments, products, channels, business models
  • Differentiate the customer experience
  • Be compliant ready
  • Cutting cost through simplifying and automating operational processes 

The Platform for the CRIF Credit Framework

  • Complete credit lifecycle management platform with domain expertise built-in
  • Technology with innovation & success story trackrecord
  • Rated best-in-class by independent research
  • Modular design so you choose what you need
  • Adap & optimize to fit your business model, needs & budget
  • Flexible & scalable technology supporting any deployment options from single on-site installation to cloud / service with tools to develop applications quickly & securely

Achieve automated, paperless across the end-to-end credit value chain for: 

  • Consumer + Mortgage
  • Small & Medium Enterprises (SME)
  • Corporate
  • All lending instruments
  • Any geography
  • Any channel

Functional Areas

Governance & Reporting

  • Embedded alerts and guidelines to align operational decisions with strategic goals
  • KPI monitoring & fine tuning to track progress and take action
  • Modify decision-making according to goals
  • Reporting & analytics to deliver insight
  • Support audits & compliance mandates


  •  Comprehensive view of customer
  • Understand customer behavior and preferences
  • Sales tools with simulation, pre-screening & pre-approval
  • Identify most suitable credit product
  • Offer management & campaigns
  • Product customization supporting a wide range of products to cross/upsell


  •  Straight-Thru-Processing LOS from Engagement through Decisioning, Compliance & Booking
  • Simplify & reduce response times through smarter & integrated processing
  • Real-time customer verification (KYC)
  • Capture collateral 

Rating Assignment

  • Basel, central bank & regulation compliance
  • Automatically & intelligently determines risk level
  • Integrates data, segmentation & predictive analytics
  • Domain expertise with CRIF as a Credit Rating Agency

Credit Policy

  • Decision making role & authority assignment
  • Ability to modify according to senior management goals
  • Automatic delegation through risk weighted asset (RWA) assessment
  • Helps drive consistent decisions and risk appetite enforcement

Customer Portfolio Management

  • Monitor for deeper customer insights and early risk detection
  • Manage customer for risk, opportunity and building their loyalty
  • Proactively take Next Best Action & Next Best Offer
  • Cross/Upsell/Retain/Renew/Limit
  • Manage Collateral  

Debt Collection & Recovery

  • Maximize ROI by minimizing unpaid debts
  • Take quick and right actions
  • Manual & automated action follow-through from early to late collection & recovery
  • Customer centric approach
  • Optimize internal & external resources, including agencies

Advisory Expert System

  • Automatic financial & economic analysis
  • Accurately anticipate risks
  • Improve employees’ decision-making- and bank results
  • Intelligent insights to guide relationship manager to thoroughly & quickly assess risk
  • Improves customer engagement through the approval process

Price Optimization

  • Analyze potential risk & profitability
  • Multiple pricing options to meet customer demands
  • Apply predictive analytics and algorithms such as Economic Value Add (EVA) & Risk Adjusted Return on Capital (RAROC)

Strategies & Decision Management

  • Data analysis & segmentation
  • Credit analysis to improve credit decisioning & risk management
  • Predictive analytic models configured or imported via PMML
  • Automatic scoring & decisioning
  • Business users design, configure & fine-tune complete decision strategies including policies, rules, calculations and models
  • What-if & Simulation, Champion / Challenger

CRIF Data Model

  • Pre-defined, consolidated credit risk data store
  • Achieve a single view of the customer
  • Sound data governance and management discipline policies, in line with central bank regulations
  • Managing and organizing data for actionable business analytics and decision-making
  • Data quality & error reduction
  • Integrated Business Intelligence

Front End & Process Management

Intuitive & configurable user interfaces with workflow to guide users and improve productivity

  • Multi-channel and mobility
  • End-to-end automation & streamlining
  • Track, measure & report
  • Compliance readiness with complete process governance
  • Built-in audit readiness, tracking who-did-what-when
  • Process improvement to simplify & reduce response times
  • Graphical tools configuration and change management

The complete software platform covering the end-to-end credit value chain with built-in best practice for effective credit and risk management.

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