Project Management

CRIF offers complete project management services, software and tools delivered by a dedicated team of professionals to a global market.

Project Management services are performed by a team of professionals who, based on a consolidated set of skills and high quality standards including ISO 9001:2008 and CMMI Capability Level 3, delivers to our Customers on global market: Consultancy, Software, Business Processes, Training, Change Management.

Our success stories include examples about how our projects supported to achieve growth and mitigate risk, reduce end-to-end process cost, improve credit management and improve customer service.


Project Methodology – Approach

  • Single or integrated components of the CRIF Credit Management Platform,
  • Predefined models, based on know-how and best practices, or custom processes defined according to customer needs.

Different interaction models can be established between the customer and us: outsourcing (CRIF), partnership or mixed, in house (customer) with on demand support from CRIF.