StrategyOne makes it happen!

The CRIF Credit Solutions team celebrates IFRS9 implementation.

Successful story of StrategyOne, the decision engine solution empowered by CRIF, continued in 2018 achieving new important milestones and results. This we do not tell ourselves but our customers, which this year exceeded 120 “end users” with on-site installations in more than 30 countries.

Last year we shared with you our roadmap and an important goal was to empower an IFRS9 software solution based on StrategyOne. We are proud to announce that we achieved our goal and that StrategyOne really made it happen. At present IFRS9 has already passed into production in many banks which are our customers, fully complying with regulators requirements and deadlines. We are very satisfied of this important result but we have many other relevant topics and tasks we wish to work out together.

During this year we challenged integration with R and PMML. These softwares will allow StrategyOne to use analytical tools dealing with artificial intelligence and machine learning models. This project is part of the effort of CRIF to invest in technology and IT architectural updates: to be at the cutting edge is in CRIF DNA and is fundamental to always deliver our customers the best solutions. During 2019 we will be able to accomplish this task and to integrate Python software too… So stay tuned as this is a hot topic and news are coming soon!

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