CRIF speaks at the NextGen Banking Nordics 2018 event

Riccardo Ceci, Business Innovation CRIF Credit Solutions Director, gave a speech on how financial institutions can grow their business and improve customer experience by accelerating the match between supply and demand.

NextGen Banking Nordics 2018, held in Stockholm on November 20, 2018, brought to the table topics for discussion ranging from digital identity and cultural transformation, to AI implementation, fintech and bank partnering, and increased collaboration in the banking sector, particularly in the Nordics. Real time payments and open banking resonated throughout the debates, since these issues have been adding momentum to the drive for change. Banks are, in fact, under pressure to transform and maximize technology implementation to keep up with the ever-evolving customer experience ideal.

Market evolution towards open platforms allows players to speed up the match between supply and demand. Data are increasingly used in different industries to provide value-added services, with an easy, fast and smart user experience”, explained Riccardo.

CRIF, a global multinational company operating for more than 30 years in Credit Risk Management, has developed its role from Competence Center to strategic partner in the new ecosystem.

Our proposition is to bring the usage of value-added services to the “next level” of the NextGen journey, through:

  • its unique data processing expertise and advanced analytics
  • credit risk management know how and solutions across the entire customer lifecycle
  • access to accounts

maintaining its leadership position as the inspiring enabler of an ecosystem for both consumer and business clients”, concluded Riccardo.


Watch the Finextra interview with Riccardo Ceci about CRIF, including:

  • Key growth factors
  • Value proposition to face the challenges of an ever-evolving scenario
  • Approach and business model.

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