Congratulations StrategyOne!

The CRIF Credit Solutions team celebrates surpassing 100 clients.

StrategyOne, the user-friendly platform for the comprehensive, efficient and timely management of all decision-making processes related to credit, reached an important goal this summer: it exceeded 100 “end-user” clients with on-site installations in 21 countries.

Introduced to the market in 2001, this software solution has been implemented over the years and upgrades have been consolidated with the launch of increasingly up-to-date services in terms of functionality and usability: with the latest major version, 6.0 Evolution, StrategyOne aims to extend its use to new areas (such as “full” Customer Management and the IFRS9 tool), transforming StrategyOne into an true “Agile end-to-end Decision Engine for High Velocity Big Data applications".

However, progress won’t stop here: thanks to the collaboration and continuous commitment of the whole team, we are currently working to version 6.2. The challenge is really thrilling: an IFRS9 engine powered by StrategyOne for one of our clients. The project involves the implementation of the CRIF Credit Solutions IFRS9 methodology through StrategyOne, which serves as a calculation engine for Expected Loss according to the IFRS9 accounting standard.

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