Originate CRIF Credit Framework
for Lenders

On-board customers and originate loans to achieve growth while mitigating risk and streamlining processes with a constant focus on compliance.


  • Ongoing and increasing credit risk
  • Growing regulatory burdens and constraints
  • Process streamlining and managing operational cost 

Strategic Responses

  • Evolution of underwriting process
  • Credit process streamlining to differentiate in the front office while automating the back-office
  • Leverage available data to achieve a complete and forward-looking customer view

Offerings from Strategy to Solutions

Advanced Credit Risk Management

  • Advanced credit risk management framework and risk measures
  • Rating assignment process
  • Credit policy and analytics-based delegation scheme (RWA)

Integrated Predictive Analytics

  • Predictive analytics and forward-looking analysis
  • Data integration for a single customer view
  • Price Optimization

Excellence in Process Management

  • Streamlined, paperless and automated loan origination
  • Compliant and flexible front-end management
  • Process performance governance (Track, Measure and Report)