Manage CRIF Credit Framework
for Lenders

Improve your customer portfolio performance by achieving an optimal balance between managing risk and opportunities, with targeted and timely next-best-actions.


  • Improve customer portfolio profitability
  • Enhance portfolio quality
  • Adress regulatory requirements

Strategic Responses

  • Unique credit monitoring framework to detect and address credit potential issues
  • Pinpoint best set of actions to manage from early delinquency
  • Identify opportunities to enable customer growth

Offerings from Strategy to Solutions

Early Warning

  • Advanced risk detection system
  • Integrated customer portfolio view that is regulatory compliant, using advanced internal rating-based (AIRB) data
  • Leverage data using all available sources, both internal and external

Delinquency Management

  • Action plan with robust and "high level” actions, consistent with risk profile
  • ‘Next best’ action for proactive risk and customer management
  • Credit monitoring dashboards & operational reporting

Customer Management

  • Complete system to assess and manage all risk and opportunities, taking actions with the customer:
    • Retain/Renew
    • Limit Management
    • Up-sell/Cross-sell
    • Loyalty & Retention
    • Customer Relationship Pricing