Engage CRIF Credit Framework
for Lenders

Excel at targeting and connecting customers, making the right offer, at the right price, via the right channel with a compelling customer experience and taking acceptable risk.


  • Changing customer demands
  • Tougher competition
  • Need to re-invent and innovate products to stay ahead

Strategic Responses

  • Ongoing benchmarking against competition
  • Seamless on-boarding across all channels
  • Improve customer experience
  • Reach out to your customers before they discover a product need

Offerings from Strategy to Solutions

Target Marketing & Lead Generation

  • Service model improvements, from quick wins to strategic initiatives
  • Credit Sales process re-engineering and tarketing
  • Simulation, pre-screening, pre-approval
  • Best credit product identification

Integrated Analytics & Big Data

  • Early identification of customer potential and journey optimization
  • Marketing mix allocation improvement based on uplift versus market performance
  • On-line price benchmarking and optimization
  • Optimal target identification through data sources
  • Advancing data mining using traditional and untraditional data sources


  • Get oriented towards best practices of top performers
  • Identify strategic and operational gaps, business opportunities and areas of potential development
  • Guidelines for the measurement of  marketing and sales results