Comply CRIF Credit Framework
for Lenders

Adjust to new and ongoing regulations and compliance with ease and a forward-looking approach.


  • Increasing regulatory oversight and control
  • Constant influx of new and changing compliance requirements
  • Competitive challenge and need to maximize margins

Strategic Responses

  • Regulation management
  • Regulatory model, process and Solutions implementation
  • Turning compliance into a competitive advantage

Offerings from Strategy to Solutions

Banking Authority Regulation Alignment

  • Risk Appetite Framework and Risk Management Governance
  • Asset Quality Review (AQR) full implementation to gain process competitive advantage
  • Information Framework to improve data quality
  • Internal control systems and process

Basel Standards

  • Basel 3 Roadmap
  • Basel 2 full implementation
    • Rating assignment, capital adequacy & model development (Pillar 1)
    • ICAAP, SREP analysis and forecast capital adeguacy (Pillar 2)
    • Transparency policy and roadmap (Pillar 3)

Compliant-ready solutions

  • Risk weighted assets (RWA) optimization from data quality and enrichment to advanced model and collateral management
  • Dashboard & KPIs for regulatory response
  • Compliance requirements built-into solutions