Collect CRIF Credit Framework
for Lenders

Collect more with a flexible approach that leverages all internal and external resources, from data and analytics to process optimization and agency management.


  • Increased volume of Net Performing Loans (NPL)
  • Tougher competition amongst institutions to collect from debtors
  • Lack of tools & competences to innovate collection practices

Strategic Responses

  • Proactive approach to delinquency and recovery management
  • Information Framework consolidation for maximizing best collection strategy (internal vs external)
  • Minimize loan loss provisions and reduce time-to-action and time-to-recovery

Offerings from Strategy to Solutions

Best Practice Debt Collection
End-to-end management

  • Collection processes and actions differentiated by early to late aging stages, segment, risk, exposure, collateral, …)
  • Target driven organization, combining internal resources with outsourcing and external skills
  • Strengthen relationship with outsourcers through strategic partnership approach
  • Carefully measure collections performance to better manage company’s performance

Non-Performing Loan (NPL) Portfolio

  • Portfolio “due diligence” through data consolidation, analysis, profiling, segmentation and data enrichment
  • Collection/recovery strategy definition (internal management vs. selling strategy)
  • Portfolio selling strategy and process implementation and execution (pricing, binding offer,…)

Debt Collection Analytics

  • Portfolio segmentation & scoring
  • Roll rate analysis
  • Strategy elaboration
  • Provisioning optimization
  • Leverage data and analytics to segment, automate and continually improve through a champion-challenger approach