Assess Risk CRIF Credit Framework
for Lenders

Proactively and efficiently assess and mitigate risk throughout your organization, while meeting compliance requirements and keeping profit margins in check.


  • Risk appetite definition
  • Holistic risk management throughout the organization
  • Credit risk “advisory” to other core processes (Capital adequacy accounting / provisioning changes)

Strategic Responses

  • Proactively and promptly manage risk in compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Implement advanced rating on core credit processes
  • Enhance risk management organization
  • Differentiate treatment in line with expected risk

Offerings from Strategy to Solutions

Risk Analytics

  • Leverage credit scoring in decision-making for consistent and fast risk & profitability analysis
  • Analysis, credit forecasting (Retail and Corporate) down to transaction level analysis
  • Stress testing, benchmarking, validation

Risk Management

  • Risk & Regulatory Advisory, Risk Appetite Framework (methodology, processes, solutions)
  • Advanced Rating Systems (PD/LGD/EAD) development, validation and benchmarking
  • Credit risk management process implementation (Fair value assessment & provisioning, accounting, Rating application)
  • Information Framework

Decision Management

  • Credit policies
  • Segmented treatment
  • Decision strategies
  • Champion Challenger approach
  • Simulation and What If analysis