Originate CRIF Credit Framework
for Energy / Utilities

Acquire new customers and achieve growth while mitigating risk and streamlining processes.


  • Ongoing credit risk
  • Competition for prime customers

Strategic Responses

  • Differentiate in front office while automating back-office
  • Simplify & reduce processing time
  • Implement credit lifecycle management

Offerings from Strategy to Solutions

Credit Risk Management

  • Credit process streamlining, from quick wins to strategic initiatives
  • Straight-through processing
  • Credit Policy + Decision strategy
  • Capture Collateral  

Integrated Analytics

  • Invest in data and analytics
  • Segmentation
  • Scoring/Predictive Analytics
  • Rating
  • Price Optimization

Credit application processing
for any + all customer segments

  • Consumer
  • Small & Medium Enterprises (SME)
  • Corporate 
  • Any channel
  • Any geography
  • Offer exceptional, consistent customer service
  • Reduce risk exposure to bad clients and fraudsters
  • Track, measure, report
  • Efficiency and agility
  • Facilitate financial and risk analysis with automated technology