Manage CRIF Credit Framework
for Energy / Utilities

Achieve optimal balance between managing risk and opportunities by improving your customer experience with targeted and timely next-best-actions.


  • Identify customer risk
  • Centralized & reliable customer & credit information
  • Track and improve customer’s risk/reward profile
  • Anticipate credit mitigation actions

Strategic Responses

  • Maximize customer lifetime value
  • Achieve integrated and single view of customer and credit risk
  • Better manage customer and risk through portfolio monitoring

Offerings from Strategy to Solutions


  • Portfolio monitoring
  • Apply scoring to anticipate customer behavior and assess risk
  • Alerts and early warning
  • Financial stress indicators
  • Rely on all available data sources, both internal and external
  • Use integrated tracking & control systems
  • Monitor customer payment behavior

Customer Management

  • Customer-centric analysis & evaluation
  • Realign customer segmentation and service models with changing profiles and needs
  • Fine tune targeting algorithms
  • ‘Next best’ action for proactive risk and customer management
  • Loyalty & Retention
  • Renew/Limit management
  • Up-Sell /Cross-Sell
  • Customer Relationship Pricing Enable growth through data and analytics


  • Business Process Re-engineering, from quick-wins to strategic initiatives
  • Process analysis & optimization
  • Governance & tracking
  • Integrate all customer, credit and risk exposure data with 360° view readily available
  • Facilitate financial and risk analysis with automated technology
  • Management dashboards & operational reporting
  • Simulate scenarios with what-if and champion challenger