Leverage Data, Analytics & Processes CRIF Credit Framework
for Energy / Utilities

Take advantage of data and analytics and optimize your processes to meet KPIs and improve business results.


  • Manage and control firm’s KPIs
  • Integrate risk data across the organization
  • Leverage internal and external client data to effectively manage risk

Strategic Responses

  • Deliver right action at right time to right person
  • Leverage predictive analytics to be better, faster and more efficient
  • Convert insights into actions and optimize processes
  • Grasp opportunities presented by Big Data Analytics

Offerings from Strategy to Solutions

Predictive Analytics

  • Segmentation
  • Credit risk analytics & scoring, application & behavioral
  • Early warning systems
  • Marketing / propensity-to-buy / attrition models
  • Collection scoring
  • Pricing optimization models
  • Forward looking analytics
  • Fraud models

Business Intelligence

  • Turnkey reports and analysis tools based on rich domain expertise and easy to scale and customize 
  • Dashboard to measure and track KPIs

Big Data Analytics

  • Next Best Offer and Next Best Action analytical solutions, from propensity to optimization
  • Profile enrichment and event detection for hyper-contextualized profiles of customers and counterparties
  • Fraud detection for anti-meter tampering investigation and remediation to recover revenues along the value chain for DSO and energy retailers


Data Management

  • Pre-defined, consolidated credit risk data model
  • Achieve a single view of the customer
  • Sound data governance and management discipline policies
  • Managing and organizing data for actionable business analytics and decision-making
  • Data quality & error reduction
  • Data & system integration, including big data

Process Improvement

  • Take action on defined strategies
  • Optimize processes based on an analytical approach (e.g. next best product solutions)
  • Continuous improvement approach:                                     Assess -> Decide -> Act -> Resolve