Govern CRIF Credit Framework
for Energy / Utilities

Set strategic goals, align them with operations and monitor performance.


  • Demand for more complex and accurate reporting requirements
  • Enterprise-wide governance of operational activities
  • Stay competitive & maximize margins
  • Continuous credit strategy improvement

Strategic Responses

  • Align company strategic and operational goals
  • Build risk into the strategic planning process
  • Become more agile and responsive to changes in competitive environments

Offerings from Strategy to Solutions

Credit Risk Management

  • Instill a risk management culture throughout the organization
  • Holistic view of risk
  • Risk monitoring and organization alignment
  • Benchmarking & Reporting

Business & Credit Governance

  • Roadmaps, from quick-wins to strategic measures
  • KPI enforcement and continuous improvement
  • Decision-making, role and authority assignment, and modify according to goals
  • Reporting and analytics expertise and solutions to govern decisions and benchmark against the competition