Assess Risk CRIF Credit Framework
for Energy / Utilities

Proactively and efficiently mitigate risk throughout your organization.


  • On going credit risk
  • Instill risk management throughout the organization
  • Accounting/provisioning changes

Strategic Responses

  • Proactively manage risk
  • Accurately anticipate risks
  • More effective risk over sight

Offerings from Strategy to Solutions

Risk Management

  • Risk assessment, methodology & governance from strategy to data, analytics & solutions
  • Credit risk management policy development & fine-tuning
  • Best practices in managing and mitigating credit risk
  • Take continuous improvement approach: Assess -> Decide -> Act -> Resolve -> Monitor -> Maintain

Integrated Risk Analytics

  • Leverage scoring in decision-making for consistent and fast risk & profitabilityanalysis
  • Rating Systems
  • Total cost of credit
  • Scenario Analysis & Forecasting down to transaction level analysis

Take Quick & Right Actions

  • Credit risk process streamlining  Risk weighted automatic decision delegation & ability to modify according to senior management goals    
    •  Automate risk & compliance processes to reduce the costs and risks